A Young Man with a Notebook

Sue N


'Unbelievable but true story of life  in Victorian times.!'

'What an amazing set of stories! The author has done so much research into the subject to set the scene so it's easy to imagine what life was like during the Victorian era and to see how enterprising Mrs Gallagher was. The twists and turns in her story would make a fabulous TV series!'

Heather D


'This is a book for anyone who is interested in social history in the 19th Century especially in big cities like Liverpool. The book is well researched, accurate and engaging, funny with great insight into the way women were treated, particularly by the law. Read it and immerse yourself into the life of Jane and her many nefarious exploits.'

Ella O


'What a brilliant story!!!

Wonderful piece of Liverpool History. Definitely worth getting. Hope they make a TV program about this, it's stunning!

Colette B


'Researched with commitment and an emphasis on detail, this work reveals the degradation and punitive facets of poverty evident in the Victorian era. No one was untouched by those intent on evading the law in those times.

The narrative encompasses a description of the methods employed by women in order to evade the legislation designed to subjugate them. Also included is the workhouse reality faced by the unfortunate many.
An instructive book which leaves a lasting impression.'

Sue G


'A wonderful insight into the seedy side of life in Liverpool in days gone by......'

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